Wood Reflection-CHOPSTICKS!!!!!

After reading wood, I really felt drawn to how Macauley described deforestation and how many tress die due to our own selfish needs. Humans are one of, if not the most, greedy creatures on this planet. Trees have been here a lot longer than we have and yet we cut down millions every year for ourselves. Yes, it is true that many important things such as paper, drugs and ointments come from trees. However, this does not outweigh the fact that we sometimes just cut trees down because we need more room. For example, the Amazon Rainforest is in extreme jeopardy. Humans have decided to cut down the rainforest because we don’t have enough space for buildings. I do not believe that humans realize the actual importance of trees. Trees are such an invaluable resource that if humanity lost trees, we would definitely be less effective as a species and in deep trouble. Now onto the topic of my post…….CHOPSTICKS! Asian cuisine is well loved all around the world, especially its chopsticks along with the food. Chopsticks are a difficult and fun new thing to learn how to use. But, did you know that we cut down millions of trees alone just for chopsticks? And even better (total sarcasm here)…… WE THROW THEM OUT AFTER!!!!!!! DO you know how many trees we could save of everyone had reusable chopsticks? I know what you may be think…… How do we outlaw wooden chopsticks or just give everyone reusable chopsticks? I’m not asking for that. I’m hoping that humans will realize sooner than later that using chopsticks and then simply discarding them is extremely dopey and just a down right insult to the environment. Trees are so important. They give animals shelter and food, they give us oxygen to breathe and they shade us when its really hot out. If a bunch of college students can realize the importance of trees, why can’t government workers and adults in power realize their importance as well?

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  1. mclausey says:

    I actually loved the point you brought up and I just wanted to mention that my mom does have a reusable pair. They are so pretty and I always ask to use them but she never lets me. I have somewhat of my own dinosaur children’s pair as silly as it sounds but I love them and I even use them for more then just Chinese food.

  2. wcturgeon says:

    I feel the same way about using paper plates and utensils made out of plastic or wood. Fun, and irrelvant fact, my mother wore chopsticks in her hair for most of her life. It was kind of her signature look. They were beautiful inlaid, probalby of some sort of plastic. She did not eat with them. 😉

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