Indoor Swimming Without Water

Yes you read the title correctly. I have indeed performed indoor swimming without water. You ask how? Well its simple, I put my googles and swim cap on, and did exactly as Michael Phelps would do. I mean the guy has 28 gold medals for a reason, who else would I replicate. I will attach the videos below, but leave you with this. The post is related to water, but there is no water. In this scenario my mind imagined that it was in a swimming pool, and my body did the rest.



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7 Responses to Indoor Swimming Without Water

  1. kmyles says:

    Becir…..I dont believe I just watched that. There’s no way you did that. That is so funny. I love this so much. With that form you are definitely better than Michale Phelps, EASILY.

  2. ghayes says:

    Great meme potential, you earned a gold medal in swimming on land.

  3. Colin Erickson says:

    wait wheres the water how are you swimming

  4. sdodenhoff says:

    I’m not going to lie, as a swimmer, that was pretty accurate breaststroke.

  5. shenry5 says:

    This is really fascinating. What inspired you to do this?

  6. ewerner says:

    This is incredible LOL

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