Mr. Grimm- The Modern Day Philosopher

“You’re a mean one Mr. Grimm”.

Since none of you know who Mr. Grimm is I will introduce him. He was my cor (homeroom) teacher for my 4 years at St. Francis Prep. For the first 3 years everyone in my homeroom hated Mr. Grimm. We hated him because he held us accountable for our actions, and followed the rule book to the letter. To put it into perspective, he wrote me up 30-40 times freshman year, and I would only see him 15 minutes a day. It was a long time ago, but it was probably my fault even though he was “beasting” (overly strict). Despite almost all my detentions coming from homeroom I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have been my teacher. He taught us how to be better people, and took extra time trying to make me a better man. Senior year with Mr. Grimm was lit. He was very cool, and let us listen to the music of our choice on special occasions. He was even at my championship game, and told me he always knew I was capable of great things. This ones for you my guy.


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  1. kmyles says:

    Seems like a legendary dude. Thank you for sharing! Must have been pretty bad to be written up 30-40 times but glad he made you into a better person. Best philosopher I read about all semester!

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