Snow Storm

In celebration of this wonderful snow storm, I will be taking us back to three years ago when NY got hit with another big snow storm. I absolutely hate the snow because I always have to shovel, and nobody helps me at all. They come outside and grab a shovel, but stop after 5 minutes because they are tired and go play instead. Finally once I am done cleaning the sidewalk and driveway my little sister makes me build her a ramp to slide down.



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  1. kmyles says:

    Awww thats so cute! And I can totally relate with the struggle of shoveling. My dad makes my sisters and I do our own house along with 3 of our neighbors 🙂 Great times. Snow is such a good time, we used to make hills on our lawn to go over as well. Great memories!

  2. sdodenhoff says:

    That seemed like so much fun. I remember when I was a kid building igloos in the snow and it was the best, now I have to shovel to.

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