Baby Bear

Some of my friends and I rented out a cabin house in upstate New York this summer, and there was a baby bear next to our cars one morning. I really wanted to play with the baby bear and give him food because he seemed hungry, but the girls were screaming at me not to. Honestly that was very mean because all the bear wanted to do was play, eat, and sleep. I know that cause that’s all I want to do all the time. I attached the video below if anyone wants to see the “beast”.


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5 Responses to Baby Bear

  1. kmyles says:

    awwww the baby bear is so cute! But with a cub comes a mother so you definitely should be careful of your surroundings if you run into a situation like that again! I’ve heard too many bear attacks on the show I Was Prey.

  2. Colin Erickson says:

    I Really Want To Feed That Bear.

  3. sdodenhoff says:

    Totally understand why you wanted to feed the bear… it was adorable

  4. ewerner says:

    It’s a good thing I was not there because I 100% would have been tempted to give that baby bear a hug lol

  5. wcturgeon says:

    And yet you all could end up dead. Kayla is right. Do not confuse real bears with teddy bears… Watch Grizzly Man to see.

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