A recent article on clouds is worth perusing.

How many of us have laid on the grass and watched the clouds go by, seeing shapes, images, suggestions.  Humans see faces everywhere in any case but clouds pull our gaze upward and out of our daily humdrum lives.  They can have the glow of the holy card.  

Or they can remind us of art–the classic Fragonard sky. 




Clouds can connote the very presence of deity and it is not surprising that when we think of heaven we look up into the sky.

So, consider Macauley’s essay which reminds us that clouds are air and water, ice and fire, they span from here to there.  Up and down.  We can be lost in the clouds, up in the clouds, or have our head in the clouds.

Recall your child self and imagine you are lying on the grass, looking up: what do you see?  Right now?

Take your own cloud picture and share what it tells you.

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