Ice and Snow

01 Ice Ice Baby

Welcome to this post on Ice and Snow.  It can be hard to imagine icy winds, slippery sidewalks, the hush of snow when it is warm and inviting outside.

As MacAuley informs us, ice overs a tenth of the landmass and just a bit less of the ocean surface.  The loss of ice has become a point of global debate.  Will Manhattan end up underwater?  The earth at the end of either pole is an “unearthly place”, seemingly quiet but perhaps not so much as musician Cheryl Leonard has exploring creating music from the sounds therein.


In the images below, what do you see?  Where are they taken?

In this essay, our author again introduces the artist, Andy Goldsworthy.  He might be deemed our ‘patron saint” of the elements. Here are two images, also above.  See if you can find more of his works which suggest ice or snow.