Clouds on Long Island

I was especially excited about reading this chapter because I love clouds, they are just so pretty! Especially during a sunset or sunrise on Long Island!! I also have a summer job where I am a scorekeeper for softball games and I always see really pretty sunsets during the games and the clouds all become different colors and it really makes them stand out so you can really see the different types of clouds there are. The clouds in the first picture must be thin because the reading said that very thin clouds tend to take on the hues of their surroundings. My phone is just filled with a bunch of pictures of the sky. Below are two of my favorite pictures I have of clouds.

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Clouds Reflection

After reading Clouds, I found the different meanings it’s had for humans in the past quite interesting. The clouds were used to suggest a whole host of meanings like supernatural forces, creation, fertility, and divine protection. I think my favorite symbolism of clouds is their impermanence. It’s enjoyed while you’re seeing it, and then it’s blown away to a different neighborhood for someone else to see. This was the meaning I got from Shelley’s poem from the end of the reading as well.

After looking at Magritte’s paintings, my favorite one is the eye. It suggests that we’re always looking up to the sky, whether it be in awe or looking to the divine for answers.

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Cloud Podcast

I’ve always been infatuated with the clouds, my head has definitely been up in them for a long time! There’s a podcast I love to listen to on spotify (I thinks its on apple music too) called Ologies, where a woman named Allie Wars interviews people who specialize in specific topics in science, anthropology, and any -ology you can name and then some! She has a really cool interview with nephologist (aka cloud specialist) Dr. Rachel Storer. I definitely suggest a listen!

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