The Time I Flew

Air is always around us. We need it to breathe for our survival. We are in the air when we are flying, or as shown in my previous post when we are jumping off stuff. But when is air our enemy? For me it was during a basketball game. The opposing player tried to take me out using the element of air against me. Of course he couldn’t stop me himself, so he had to use the elements to cheat. Even with him using air to cheat I still finished the game, but my back was destroyed for about a week. #BuiltDifferent


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2 Responses to The Time I Flew

  1. kmyles says:

    I think I just watched that video like 12 times…..OOOF. I can’t imagine how bad that hurt and the wind must have gotten knocked right out of you. Ohhhhh throwback to the basketball days. Such an aggressive and physical game, but SO EXCITING. Air definitely plays a major role in keeping up with the pace of the game to be a great player!

  2. sdodenhoff says:

    That looked like it hurt but it is awesome that you finished the game. It is so cool how high you were able to get off the ground.

    Air is always the enemy in my sport have you ever seen a swimmer’s dive turn into a belly flop…

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