Interconnections: Trees with People

Wood has such a mysterious affect on people. According to Seneca, going into a forest will put over a feeling of greatness over one and bring him closer to believing that there is a God. Trees have connected the human generations to each other. Human species wouldn’t be alive without trees and planting a tree will connect one to the biota.

Personally, I have witnessed the feeling overpass two of my family members. Whenever we go into the woods for a hike, my father seems to be ten years younger. He starts running and exploring as if he was a little kid. He then witnesses animal tracks and tries to spot the deer. When I asked him on his change of personality, he responded with a simple answer; “Humans were made to stay in nature”.  The woods to him gives him hope in a stressful world and gives him a sense of freedom that is otherwise restricted by property lines and roads.

In addition, my littlest sister has a “special tree” in the backyard which she connects with.  Recently, her “special tree” was going to be cut down. She refused and said that the tree was her best friend. I also asked her about her “connection” with the tree. She then told me “The tree is named Madison. She is the mom of my other favorite trees. Our connection was first made when we first moved to this house. I like to talk to her when I feel sad or confused or lonely or something and she is always there. I like to hang out over there because I like to climb on my other favorite tree Dave. And I have been doing it ever since so we are best friends now.”

After reading the chapter on wood, I can now see with my own eyes how people connect to it. Wood seems like it has a mystical force that gives over a calmness and comfort that cannot be obtained from anywhere else.

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    I love your father’s comment and your description of him. The Japanese have a word for this, shinrin-yoku–which means “forest bathing.” Never have we needed this more than now with all the pressures and fears we face. Going into the woods (watch out for ticks!) can truly bring calm. Try it, as Isabel recommends.

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