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I know this is a little late considering we just took a test on the stone section, but I completely forgot this blog existed and I wanted to post about some rocks I have at my house. For no reason at all, I actually do have a small collection myself. I do not use them for any spiritual or religious purposes, I honestly just think they’re really pretty. To start, I have a trilobite fossil (pictured below), which I won in my earth science class in 9th grade for getting the highest grade on one of the tests. In that same year, I also stole a piece of sea glass (pictured below) during one of our labs simply because I liked the color of it, blue obviously, and it was beautiful. Then, I currently work at Five Below and they occasionally have these pretty rocks. I accidentally broke two of them when I knocked them off the shelf so I took half of a blue one and half of a pink one home (pictured below). Last summer, when I was in Wildwood with my family, we were walking into shops on the boardwalk and I came across pyrite and I had to buy it because it was so sparkly and attractive (pictured below). Also, I don’t know where I found it but I took a rock that was exactly half white and half black because it reminded me of a yin yang. I held onto it as a reminder that there’s always going to be light and dark, good and bad times in life that we have to keep going through. Finally, this past summer my sisters and I went hiking and we came across this old mansion that was built in the early 1910’s. I thought this to be extremely cool because when admiring the parts that were still standing, you could see stone fireplaces in every single room since they didn’t have heating systems like we have today. It’s incredible how strong and resilient the element is to withstand weather and human interaction and to still stand so tall and mighty after so many years (pictured below).

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