The Mysteries of Ice and Snow

One shared guilty pleasure both me and my dad share is the reality tv show Alone. Alone is a show where they have numerous contestants out to fend for themselves. The only “technology” that they are allowed to posses is the camera they are vlogging to. There are no camera men or medical staff on hand if something goes wrong. Although, they do have periodic medical checks on the contestants. The contestants can be forced out of the competition if they lost too much weight or if the contestants opt out themselves. Whoever lasts the longest in the wild wins the large lumpsum of money at the end.

After reading the Ice and Snow chapter, I can relate the paradoxes of the element to the show. Ice can be very handy such as for insulation and preservation. However, ice can be very dangerous. It is extremely slippery, deceiving on its strength, and freezing temperatures.

Here is one clip I found that embodies the fear that most people don’t think about when just witnessing its beauty.

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