There are many interesting displays of ice around the world. One that especially caught my eye were the striped icebergs of Antarctica. When we think of icebergs, we think of white ice sculptures in the middle of the ocean. But these icebergs can be many different colors such as green, blue, black, yellow, and brown. Blue ice appears when water slides in the cracks of the iceberg and freezes so fast that no bubbles are formed. Green ice forms from water that freezes and contains algae. Black, yellow, and brown stripes form from sediments accumulated when the ice is sliding down. Striped Icebergs - Antarctica | Antarctica travel, Beautiful nature, Antarctica  striped-iceberg-3The Most Mind-Blowing Natural Phenomena In The World
There are also pink icebergs that form due to the growth of algae inside the ice. When this algae is effected by UV rays, a reddish pink color is shown. This is so fascinating to me, I never knew an iceberg could be so many different colors!

Naturally occurring Pink Icebergs — Caroline Oliver

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5 Responses to Icebergs

  1. ewerner says:

    I’ve never seen icebergs like that!! Wow

  2. hcelona says:

    Wow! It is so amazing to see some many different types of icebergs that I never knew existed. They are really beautiful!

  3. Bruno Franchino says:

    I can’t believe that a thing such as a pink ice berg exists! That is truly a remarkable thing to see!!

  4. Grace Hayes says:

    All of these different icebergs are so cool to look at! It’s kind of wild how different colors and patterns form in the ice or develop over time.

  5. jsiford says:

    Wow these are so interesting!! I never knew any of them existed but they’re so beautiful.

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