The Four Elements

  1. I think the element that best represents me is earth. Earth is the foundation for everything else in the world. In my life, I try my best to be the foundation for my friends and family. I always remind them that even if they have nothing else or nowhere else to go, I will always be here just like the earth.
  2. My favorite landscape is the beach because of the endless nature of it. When standing on the shore and looking out at the ocean, you can never see where it ends and you get lost in the sights and sounds. I can stare at it for hours.
  3. Beach Sunset Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockThe historical and cultural aspects of nature have interested me the most because I find it fascinating to learn how humans over time have adapted and manipulated the most basic thing we are given on earth. Even after all the years of life on earth, new things are still being discovered and created. Also, different parts of the world use nature for different things which is especially interesting to learn about.
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