The Four Elements

1. When thinking about which element best represents me, I had to take a moment and really think about it. After reflecting, I believe that the element earth best represents me. The earth is very nurturing and provides life and a home for many different beings. It is also very generous and allows for many species to thrive off of its environment. I see myself in the earth because I consider myself to be a generous person that acts in other’s best interest. I also believe I am very nurturing like the earth and care for the development of others.
2. My favorite landscape is definitely the mountains. I just find mountain ranges so breath taking and full of adventure. My favorite place to travel is to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee so that is where my landscape is from.

3. The religious associations of the elements interest me the most. It is so fascinating to hear the story about how God created all life and the elements in the Catholic religion. It is also really interesting to see how many other religions use the elements in so many different ways in their beliefs.

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