The Four Elements

1. While I can see parts of each different element within myself, I believe that I possess qualities that correspond to the Earth the most. Being so sturdy and reliable, multiple beings call the earth their home. I like to believe that I can be a home to others, as I stay true to those that I care about and am someone that can be depended on. Just as nature is represented by “mother” earth, I am the type of person that likes to nurture others and make sure those around me are fulfilled. However, like stone, sometimes I can be rigid and resist to change. Often times I get anxiety over new occurrences, but with patience am able to ground myself.

2. My favorite landscape is definitely fall foliage, especially if it’s reflected onto a body of water. I go to Arrowhead Lake in Pennsylvania with my family and really enjoy seeing all the leaves change colors. Looking at the assortment of colors can be extremely calming.

3. The environmental implications of the four basic aspects of nature interest me the most. Every element in some way can influence the others. Fire is incited by air, yet calmed by water. Water can saturate earth, but fire can destroy it. However, earth also has restorative powers, allowing for regrowth and restoration. I’m a big supporter of the conservation of Earth and wildlife, and enjoy learning about climate change and things that humans can do to prevent it.

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