The Four Elements

  1. Given the question “which element best represents you” I was lost. I had to do much self reflection on what makes me- me. I came to the conclusion that the element that I associate best would be water. Water can come in many different forms. Water can turn into ice, and just like ice, when in new situations or around new people, I tend to be more guarded and freeze. However, just like the many powerful waterfalls, I am very passionate in all of the activities I participate in and always strive to make my own path in life. In addition,  just like the forcefulness of some waves, I also have a harder time controlling my emotions- whether I am boiling with fury or bubbling with joy and excitement. Lastly, I also tend to always gravitate towards “a larger body of water”;  I am very family oriented and strive to always be close by to my family.

2. My favorite landscape is the lake. The sight of the lake will always put a sense of calmness over me that is indescribable. Additionally, I have many great associations with the lake- such as camping, kayaking, fishing, and just having so many adventures that always flood my mind and get me excited.

3. The religious associations always interest me the most. I am always comforted when looking outside and seeing how even the birds in the wild are completely reliant on God and how he provides for them. If the birds can find everything they need each day, so can I.

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