The Four Elements

  1. As a growing teenager, I believe the best element that represents me would be Earth.  Change is constant in the world around us as tectonic plates drift, the crust quakes, and volcanoes erupt.  As the earth adapts to these changes, I react the same way to changes within my own life. I grow from past experiences and learn from new ones, comparable to the earth’s reaction of the constant growth of plants and change in climate.

2. My absolute favorite landscape would have to be the beach at sunset. When the air gets cooler and the sun isn’t beating on you, the beach becomes much more enjoyable. The reflection of the sun on the water is beyond breathtaking.

Beach at Sunset - Picture of LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort, A Noble House  Resort, Naples - Tripadvisor

3. Historical and cultural adaptations and relations is very interesting to me. The constant change that is present in every environment has an impact on the culture of people and history. I would love to learn more about how culture evolved from human ancestors as they adapted to the world and new environments. The history of such ideas is fascinating to me.

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