The Contrast of Clouds

Clouds can be symbolic and can mean many different things in different contexts and situations. It is interesting to specifically recognize the different association’s cloud have in terms of light and white clouds versus dark and stormy clouds. While clouds can symbolize a sense of freedom and divinity, they can almost symbolize impending danger or doom.

Clouds are free in the sky, taking different shapes and coming and going quickly. Clouds also cannot be controlled. We cannot control the weather, and this can symbolize freedom because to be free is to not be controlled and to be free to be as you please. Clouds can be symbols of the divine. Clouds can be used as symbols in mythology or religion, as it is a common idea in some ideologies that Gods live among or above the clouds. Clouds can also be associated with angels. In some faiths, clouds can symbolize the gateway to heaven. Large white clouds are typically associated with the idea of something heavenly or godlike, and that furthers the contrast between white and dark clouds.

Clouds can also symbolize harbingers of doom, specifically dark clouds. Dark clouds represent danger or that something bad is going to happen. Dark clouds can be used in movies to create a feeling of doom and anticipation that something dangerous is coming. Dark clouds can also be associated with death, specifically the giant smoke clouds that took over New York City after the 9/11 attacks. It is interesting to recognize that although clouds are still clouds whether they are white or dark, yet the two images carry very different connotations and feelings.

Although clouds are just one element, it is interesting to see the different ways that clouds can symbolize different things. The way that a cloud is presenting can alter the feeling that it invokes and what it represents. I found the dark and light difference particularly interesting, how a dark cloud could invoke a feeling of danger and fear while light clouds can represent a divinity.


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