Ice and Snow: Snowflakes

When thinking about ice and snow, snowflakes immediately come to mind. I have always been fascinated by snowflakes and the idea that they have all different beautiful shapes and patterns that aren’t even visible to the naked eye. The shape of snowflakes is due to the temperature at which they are formed, and snowflakes are never really symmetrical. The notion that no two snowflakes are identical is interesting since there are millions of snowflakes that fall and yet they all have their own individuality.

The term “snowflake” has begun to have a connotation that everyone thinks they’re special but really everyone is the same and is not unique and interesting. I think this is completely false, and I think the term “snowflake” should carry a more positive idea. The uniqueness of snowflakes connects to how human beings are. Especially today, there is so much more freedom to express who you are and what you love, and not feel like you have to fit a specific mold in order to be beautiful. Although snowflakes are all different and unique, people are able to find beauty in every snowflake, if you look close enough.

Snowflake Macro Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

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