The Beauty of Clouds

I have always loved looking up at the clouds since I was a little kid. Whether it was laying on my back with friends trying to find funny images in them, or looking at them to see if rain was coming, they fascinated me. As a kid, I always wanted to go on a plane so I could see what it would be like to see them from another perspective. A few years later, I went on a plane, and even though I was terrified of the height, I couldn’t believe how pretty they looked from that high. From that time on, every time we went on a plane, I needed to have the window seat, because the whole time I would look out at the clouds. I loved how they looked so soft, like big cotton balls, and how pretty they looked above the landscape below. Here are some of my favorite pictures I took while I was flying. The first one is especially my favorite. It is over the Robert Moses bridge, and I thought it was so pretty and cool that we were flying over it!



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