I’m not sure why I’ve never thought about clouds in a scientific point of view until a few days ago, considering I’ve been interested in the sciences since I was young.  When someone mentioned in class the other day that although clouds look so soft and fluffy, while going through one, it is actually vary cold and feels like pins and needles.  This discovery made me think about why clouds are the way that they are.  Clouds are actually composed of millions of tiny water droplets suspending in the air, and will feel like a mist if walked through at a normal pace.  However, when someone is falling from the sky and a high speed, these water droplets will feel like little pellets being shot at you!  The fact that clouds are just raindrops suspended in midair is a bizarre thought to me, and leads me to ponder how this is even scientifically possible.  After doing some research, it has been proven that the water droplets behave the same way as dust, and because there is a constant flow of warm air rising from the ground, the clouds can remain suspended.  This fascinated me and is just something to think about from a scientific point of view!

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