Stars at Night

When thinking about night, I immediately started to think about the stars and how beautiful they are. Where I live there are hardly any stars at night, due to light pollution which is caused by an extreme amount of artificial light. I’ve seen pictures of people who go away and they can clearly see thousands of beautiful stars in the sky, and I would love to visit some place where you can clearly see the stars. I also think it’s so cool that you can name stars, and have a star named after you! Here are some pictures I found where I think the stars look amazing.

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  1. mdipalo says:

    WOAH these are so pretty!! I love star gazing especially during the summer, one time me and a few friends saw a shooting star go across the sky in her backyard it was so cool! It is so sad that we can’t have these beautiful views all the time because of all the light pollution we have 🙁

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