Why do kids love the night?

I’ve always found the concept of night owls vs early birds to be really interesting. How come some people are able to pop up at 7 am and be fully awake while others come alive after 10 pm? And why does it seem like, especially kids, can be totally fine staying up late and thriving in the night hours? Lots of times parents just get mad at kids for staying up late since then then seem to sleep all day to get back the hours they lost at night, but there has actually been scientific studies and real explanations for why this happens!

When kids go through puberty, their body creation of melatonin, or the sleep hormone, is delayed so they don’t get tired as early as they did as kids. They also lose the sensitivity to morning light that would cause people to wake up once it got bright out. In addition to these findings many kids say that with the hectic craziness of their daily schedules including school and work, night is finally a time to themselves where they can get done things they normally wouldn’t have during the day. It give them a sense of control and many, including myself, find the night to be a peaceful break from the fast-paced hustle of our regular lives.

So next time your parents try to yell at your for staying up too late tell them its sciences fault!!

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3 Responses to Why do kids love the night?

  1. wcturgeon says:

    This is fascinating! I did not realize the shift in melatonin was the cause.

  2. Kayla Myles says:

    Yes! It is sciences fault! I remember learning about it in psychology my junior year of high school. Teenagers are physically wired to go to bed later then younger children and older adults due to that shift in melatonin production. It’s fascinating. Teenagers don’t choose to stay up late, it comes easier and it’s natural.
    I also agree with you on finding the night peaceful. I am definitely a night owl and the night time, especially when everybody in my house goes to bed, is the perfect time to get important stuff done and have peace and quiet and freedom to do whatever I want. It’s alone and personal time to enjoy by yourself. While I love hanging out with my friends and family, I value my alone time as well which flourishes at night.

  3. iagostinelli says:

    I might be a freak of science then because once it starts getting dark I feel like I just took five pills of melatonin! Haha

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