Space Reflection

After reading space, I thought about our existence entirely. Like I’m not going to lie, I had an existential crisis😂. So Earth is literally the perfect distance in between the sun and Earth itself. If Earth was closer, life would literally go up in flames like a scene out of what we imagine Hell. If Earth was too far away, life would be frozen solid like popsicles. Our state is known as “The Goldilocks Position”. Earth is literally at the perfect position! It is so scary to imagine that if the Earth was in a different position, what would life be like? Another thing I thought about after reading space was the fact that there could very well be a black hole in the middle of our galaxy/universe that we continue to move towards. Does that just mean that life will go away one day? Will we need to find new planets? Would humans die on the voyage to get to the new planets to repopulate? Like I genuinely rethought my whole existence and why we are all alive! Space is really cray and super scary!

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  1. jcicero says:

    That concept always blew my mind! And the ever crazier thing, astronomers theorize, based on previous data they’ve accumulated, there could be as many as 40 billion earth sized planets orbiting the habitable zones of their sun-like star!! How crazy is that!?

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