Space is SO BIG

When thinking about space, I immediately thought of this video:

I remember watching it in high school and it literally blew my mind. It’s just so weird to me how I can barely comprehend how big America is, much less the Earth, or the Sun, or the entire universe. With the universe being so big, I can’t help but wonder question what’s out there?? And what is it like to see those ginormous stars that make the Sun look like a spec??? I love pictures of space, I just find it so interesting how vastly different that environment is from the one we have on Earth. Although I personally could never be an astronaut, I do wonder what it’s like to see the things that they’ve seen. It must be incredible.

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2 Responses to Space is SO BIG

  1. Kayla Myles says:

    After watching this video in class I, apparently along with Joe and Julianna Cicero as well, felt so belittled and even worthless. I am currently sitting in my pajamas, at a desk, tying a response to a reflection on space before I have to shower and go to work. But I am so small in this entire universe, so why do my actions or my feelings or anything matter? When thinking about the big picture of the universe its hard to see how your life really makes a difference or impacts anything. HOWEVER, Prof. Turgeon saved my sanity big time when she said something along the lines of “the fact that we exist in such a vast and complex world shows that we have to be special or mean something.”

  2. mguercio says:

    I meant to post a comment on this when you first posted this but I completely forgot. I remember seeing this video a couple of years ago and I could not wrap my head around this either. It’s so crazy how small we really are.

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