Night Owl

After reading this section on the night, I really thought about how interesting the night is. I know that many people feel reenergized at night and are more productive. I feel like this is the case for me, as well. There is something so serene and tranquil about the night that motivates me to be more productive. At night, I tend to reorganize things because I have the energy and motivation to do this later at night for some reason. During the day, I just do not feel like doing particular tasks that I have the motivation to do at night. Also, I feel like I do some of my best school work at night as well. Maybe it’s just because it is so much quieter at my house at night than it is during the day. I can fly through my school work easier at night and I feel more focused. I just feel more refreshed and energized in the evening than I do during the day.

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  1. scain says:

    I definetly agree that it is much easier to be productive at night. I like the silence of the night and how there are fewer distractions than there are during the day. For me, I think part of the reason I can be more productive at night is that there almost is no sense of time when you stay up late enough. You get past the point of being tired and just get this sudden burst of energy.

  2. jcampo says:

    I’m the same way! I cannot be productive during the day, but at night I get so much done. Especially for school, I get sooo much work done at night. Sometimes I get random bursts of energy at like 2am and decide to reorganize my room LOL

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