Sights in Space

There are many beautiful sights in the darkness of space. One of these sights is the Medusa Nebula. This is a planetary nebula within the constellation of Gemini. It is named after the Gorgon Medusa in Greek mythology. The reason for this is because the colors within the nebula appear to take the shape of a snake. It is formed by colorful clouds of gas. The shedding of the outer layers of the old stellar star in the center of the nebula is what gives these colorful clouds life. It is about 1,500 light-years from Earth. The Medusa Nebula is said to properly predict the fate of the sun, which will eventually end up in the same form as the nebula.

The dreadful beauty of the Medusa Nebula – Astronomy NowTake a look at the dreadful beauty of Medusa

Another interesting object in space is the black hole. These are very mysterious and unknown objects. They are said to be extremely strong because they contain so much gravity that nothing in the universe can escape from it, not even light. There is a theory that black holes are made up of something called singularity. A singularity is said to be what all the matter in a black hole gets crushed up into. It soaks up all the light that hits it, hence why it is so dark. The slowing of time occurs near a black hole. Although it is called a black hole, it is actually not a hole. It is an extremely dense object with a high gravitational field that will not allow anything to leave it.

What are intermediate-mass black holes? |

There is also a magnificent sight called the Sombrero Galaxy. The center of this galaxy is said to house a huge black hole. It has a bright, white core surrounded by thick dust lanes which make up the spiral structure of the galaxy. Within the bright core is a smaller disk which is tilted in relation to the larger disk. There is evidence from x-ray emission that objects are falling into the core, where the one-billion-solar-mass black hole resides. The Sombrero Galaxy is found within the constellation of Virgo, and is 28 million light-years from Earth. It’s mass is equivalent to 800 billion suns, and it is one of the biggest objects in the constellation of Virgo.

Sombrero Galaxy - Wikipedia

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3 Responses to Sights in Space

  1. scain says:

    I love the images you used for this post. I’ve always found black holes to be a fascinating concept, especially the idea that they contain so much gravity that not even light can escape them. I also thought it was really interesting how you pointed out how the slowing of time occurs near black holes.

  2. Kayla Myles says:

    These pictures are fantastic! Space is mysterious, huge and beautiful. It’s crazy to think that we go through every day life with these features above us. We don’t even think about them but they are there and incredible. After reading this section and seeing these pictures, I feel like going to outer space is a must-do in my lifetime.

  3. jsiford says:

    Nikki these images are so beautiful!! There really are so many beautiful sights in the darkness of space, and I love that you pointed that out.

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