In eighth grade I took earth science, and something my teacher said regarding space really stuck with me. We were watching videos and talking about the size of the universe, and he said to the class, “No offense, but you are so small and insignificant compared to the universe as a whole.” Initially, I thought his comment was rude but then I really thought about it and realized he had a good point. We often stress about little things and think what we are struggling with is “the end of the world”, when in reality our problems are sometimes very minor. I was reminded of this on our zoom discussion about space when we were talking about how after seeing how enormous the universe is, it really makes you question your existence, and wonder if missing an assignment is such a big deal after all. Obviously I think it’s important to do the best you can in your lifetime, but thinking about this is also comforting and helps to put things into perspective. There is so much more to the world than the problems we face each day, so many more people going through the same things, so many new things to learn, and so much room for exploration of the world around us (and beyond what we can see).

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