I often wondered how big space really is, but after watching the videos in class I am actually a bit overwhelmed.  It is crazy to think about the size of the universe or perhaps the universes.  How do we actually know what is all looks like as shown in the videos? They proved that it would take millions of lightyears to even experience the sight of some stars and black holes, so how do we know that they are there? In one of the videos where the size of the planets and stars and black holes kept getting bigger with exact measurements, I was wondering how we actually know the sizes and even that they exist if we can never reach them.  Quite interesting.

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  1. jcicero says:

    That question has always been in the back of my mind! Most of the pictures we see of things like black holes, far away stars, and even our galaxy are just renderings of scientists’ best guesses as to what they look like. As of right now, it’s impossible to get out of the milky way to take a picture and back in any sort of timely fashion. And only recently were scientists able to capture an image of a real black hole since they literally suck in all light and are really far away!

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