My Reflection on Space

While reading space I couldn’t help but remember all of the ways that space has been exposed to me throughout my life, whether be from space documentaries and school to Star Wars and Doctor Who, I have grown to find Space and its infinite expanse quite fascinating. Something cool that I happened to learn was from one of my favorite YouTube science channel, Vsauce. In this Channel, Michael explains many science questions that we sometimes wonder about. The video in question that I watched was “Travel INSIDE a Black Hole” where Michael explains various things about black holes, but what interested me the most was when he talked about how it would look like to a person who is watching someone else enter the black hole. Basically, As the person who is traveling at the speed of light approached the black hole, they would appear to slow down rather than speed up. The gravitational pull of the Black Hole is so powerful that even light cannot escape. And since gravity also affects light, time slows down due to light not being able to escape the black hole. The person who approaches the black hole would go on just fine as if nothing had happened, and at some point they would cross the ‘event horizon’, which is basically the point of no return, where they will at some point have their molecular structure stretched paper thin. At that point no one really knows if something other than death awaits possibly on the other side of a black hole, there are only theories. I always love thinking about these mysterious parts of space, it really makes you wonder about all the stuff thats out there, in space.

If you want to have a better explanation of black holes, I will leave the video I watched just below.

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    This is pretty awesome!

  2. wcturgeon says:

    Spagettification…. Don’t let it happen to you!

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