While studying for our upcoming test and reflecting on the interstice “Night”, I realized I am definitely a night person. There’s something about night time that gives me the stamina to do all of my work. It definitely could be force of habit too. In high school I had a jam-packed schedule. I would be at school from 7am-2pm, at drama rehearsal from 2pm-4:30, and then at my part time job from 5:00-9:00. Then, I would come home, eat dinner, and start my homework. Thanks to all of my AP and honors classes I would be awake well until 2am, and then I’d wake up for school at 5:30 and do it all over again. It was very very tiring and definitely not healthy either. Now in college, and even maintaining a 25 hour work schedule, I have much more flexible hours. I could potentially get homework done in the mornings, but I can’t mentally focus because I am so used to doing everything at night! Hence why I’m writing this post at just before midnight on a Monday. I have so many friends who go to bed around 10:30pm on weekdays. A part of me wishes I was like that, but if I go to bed too early I feel like I’m wasting a part of my life. It’s so peaceful at night. It’s addicting! (Plus I’m more of a sunset type of person than a sunrise type of person. I have been awake long enough to see a sunrise, though!)

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