My Light Epiphany

When first reading about light and shadow, I realized that I have fallen in the trap that most people do: I didn’t consider it an element. But after reading it, I can not believe how many cultural references to light there are that I completely missed!

Light is seen as a discoverer of truth and knowledge… just like when a cartoon gets an idea, a light bulb appears over their head!Self-Directed Lifelong Learner: Lightbulb moment: Love your thesis.

In addition, the essence of color came from the presence of light. Humans have culturally used colors in replacement of emotions. The Disney animators in the movie Inside Out captured this cultural phenomena exactly:

Doctors share thoughts on the science of Inside Out:Inside Children's Blog

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  1. kmyles says:

    I loved the movie Inside Out. It was so cute! And it definitely portrays the cultural aspect of colors representing emotions. Here’s a cute clip that goes along with the emotions and colors in the movie:

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