Heat and Cold Reflection

Heat and cold are subjective experiences. Many different people might think a soup is lukewarm while another might think it is boiling hot. The locations of where people live are a good example. Many people who live in warm climates all round, such as parts of Texas, might agree that it is winter time and freezing when the temperatures drop to the sixties. However, people who live in New York might think them to be crazy. It is considered “winter” in New York and “cold” when it hits forties and thirties. Although, people who live in colder climates than New York can think them as crazy and testify that it is only really “cold” when the temperatures drop below freezing.

This picture has nothing to do with the different climates, but it does showcase perfectly the contrasts of heat and cold.Tanning Olaf! Frozen Movie! | Frozen in summer, Disney frozen olaf, Disney  playlist

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  1. kmyles says:

    OLAF! What a perfect example to display the contrast between heat and cold, especially when he starts to melt in front of the fire. “Some people are worth melting for.” This is the scene from the movie:

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