Light/Shadow Reflection

After reading Light/Shadow, I was immediately drawn to the connotations to light and life/good and shadow to dark/evil. Light and shadow are totally elements that are relevant in many of the world’s religions and philosophies. Most religions denote light as being a form of purity, goodness, and all around positivity. However, shadows represent ghost, ghouls, darkness, evil and other negative connotations. Why is this what is “set in stone”? It seems that this has been the “rule” since the beginning of time. Why can dark things not bring life or be positive? The abyss of the oceans harbors life, contrary to what people thought. The abyss has the potential to hid millions of new species undiscovered to humans, maybe even mermaids! There is so much known about the darkness and shadow realm. I am almost drawn to the mysteriousness and excitement to learning about the shadows rather than knowing more about the already known and studied light. Figment | Shadow creatures, Shadow monster, Dark creatures Meet 6 beautiful but strange creatures from the ocean's twilight zone |Into the Abyss - Sea Turtle Camp

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