Heat/Cold Reflection

After reading heat and cold, I really focused on how these two temperatures can affect our feelings, emotions and actions. For example, heat is associated with an increase in anger and irritation. Coolness on the other hand denotes a more relaxed and laid-back feeling. From the Christmas movie with the Heat and Cold Misers, the emotions of temperature can be seen perfectly! When I am cold, I normally feel more relaxed and wanting to just burrito myself in a blanket and take a nap. But when I’m hot, I feel easily irritated and like a boiling pot ready to explode. It is also really interesting from a biological aspect that when we are cold, we shiver to warm ourselves up and when we are hot, we sweat to cool ourselves down. I think heat and cold was an interesting reading and had a lot to offer in the elemental view of the world. I don’t think many people would actually consider them as elements but there are more elements in the world than people think.Heat Miser & Snow Miser: The Year Without a Santa Claus - See the song and get the lyrics! (1974) - Click Americana

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  1. iagostinelli says:

    I absolutely love your comparison with the Christmas movie! I totally forgot about it but it really does capture exactly what you are discussing.

  2. Kayla Myles says:

    I love your connections to Mr. Cold and Heat Misers. I was just talking about these two the other day and singing the songs lol. A great throwback! I also found it very interesting how the body reacts to different temperatures as well. The human body naturally and automatically shivers to defend itself against the cold, and sweats to maintain equilibrium despite the incoming heat. It’s pretty incredible what the human body can do! I also was completely fascinated with the homeotherms and exotherms, which I’m sure caught your attention as well since you appreciate the biological aspects. I never thought about warm blooded organisms compared to cold blooded ones and how they gain heat. It was remarkable to learn that the homeotherms generate heat internally, since they are warm blooded, while the exotherms generate body heat externally, since they are cold blooded and have to resort to external factors. It was very interesting.

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