Baseball in the Desert

So I love baseball and a few months ago I was pretty bored when the season was delayed and there were no games. However, I did get some content when this pitcher named Trevor Bauer was missing playing and wanted to practice facing batters live. He got some players and decided to pitch against them while keeping safety protocols. For whatever reason, they picked practicing in the desert in order to be somewhere remote. I’m assuming Bauer chose the desert because as Kayla wrote about with softball, baseball becomes incredible difficult to play when you’re cold so staying warm is very important and you’ll definitely get that in the desert. Trevor Bauer filmed all of it because he has a personal YouTube channel as well as one with his company for baseball called Momentum. I would attach a video of this practicing in the desert but Bauer did this multiple times and all the videos are all pretty long. Instead here are some pictures I have from when they did it which I think are cool:


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  1. wcturgeon says:

    Sadly, some of your links did not come through…

  2. kmyles says:

    This is so cool!!! I guess a place that is guaranteed to be remote and isolated would be a desert—great location during a pandemic. It was also super smart to go to a desert, not only because of the heat/warmth, but the sand is a similar texture to the dirt that they are familiar with. Pretty creative of the players to do and fascinating for us to observe.

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