Heat/Cold Reflection

Something I found interesting was that cold and heat are complete opposites, yet they are closely related. For example, this was explained in the reading with the reference to a desert. A desert tends to be excruciatingly hot during the day but when the sun goes down it becomes bone-chillingly cold. When I think of the two elements, I never connect them or put them together. But this example encouraged me to rethink how these two relate to each other. While they are drastically different, they are coexisting everywhere like in the desert. This is also seen in kitchens with cold refrigerators and hot ovens. There’s chocolate milk and hot chocolate which are opposite temperatures. There’s winter and summer throughout the year. And more and more and more. While these factors are contradictory, both are enjoyed and appreciated in different situations.

One of the most prominent experiences that I had with both heat and cold was with softball. In the fall/winter, softball was awful. Because of the extremely cold temperatures my body was very tense and stiff which made carrying out specific actions very difficult and painful. With hitting, it was tough to grip the bat because I could barely feel my fingers. Also, when I did make contact and did hit the ball, there would be a painful surge pounding throughout my hands that ached like a headache does. While fielding, I always felt limited in my movement since my muscles were rigid. It was difficult to throw the softball since my fingers were numb and I couldn’t get a good grip. Catching with my glove was also an issue because I would always anticipate the immediate pain that would result from the force of someones throw into my frigid palm. Even running became hard, especially in the beginning of school ball, because my feet would become so cold that I couldn’t feel the difference between each of my toes and they felt completely swollen. In the spring/summer, softball was amazing. The warmer temperature allowed my body to be loose, agile and flexible which made hitting, fielding and running significantly easier. I just felt very free and versatile to complete many actions. Although softball became strenuous in extreme heat, it was still easier to play in those conditions rather than the cold.

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2 Responses to Heat/Cold Reflection

  1. mdipalo says:

    Omg yes I remember when I played softball the weather was brutal! Tournaments in the fall/winter were insane because we would have to be at the field super early and I remember always having to use those hand warmers. And it was definitely the worst feeling when I would hit a ball in the cold especially if I wasn’t wearing batting gloves!! I have played in both extremes, when it was super cold or super hot. I remember playing in a tournament in Connecticut where the temperature was over 100! We had to keep taking water breaks it was insane.

  2. ewerner says:

    Softball in the cold is BRUTAL oh my gosh. I was always that kid jumping up and down in the field desperately trying to stay warm haha. And I remember one season our catcher was hurt so my dad (he was the coach) made me catch for a few games and one of them fell on a hot summer day and having to squat in all that gear… it was not ideal lol

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