Light and Shadow Reflection

My favorite thing about this chapter is in this quote, “In
this “golden hour,” which photographers relish because the low glow of the sun
intensifies color, it is especially enjoyable to be outdoors biking, hiking, or walking.
L’heure Bleue—known as “gloaming” in northern latitudes.” When I take pictures, which is rarely, I attempt to take them during the golden hour. Not only is the sky beautiful, but it gives a lustrous glow to the skin.

Something I never thought about was when blind people are given their sight back through surgery. I wonder if they would wear sunglasses to reduce the amount of light? I didn’t know that it could be overwhelming, so it was nice to learn something new.

I remember when I was in 7th grade and I was first learning about the wavelengths of light in detail, and my teacher put white light into a prism, and we observed a rainbow. That moment was mindblowing for an 11-year-old me, and it also reminds me of my recent graduation from high school as a rainbow appeared.

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  1. iagostinelli says:

    That is such a gorgeous rainbow!!!

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