Clouds at Night

When reflecting on clouds, I thought about all the times I look up in the sky at night and I’m just in awe of the way the clouds look. I know people talk about star-gazing all the time, but to me, it’s also really cool to look at the clouds! I don’t have any pictures that I personally took, since taking pictures from a phone at night just does NOT work, but here are some cool ones I found online:

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It’s kind of spooky – but also really cool and pretty in my opinion. When I go on vacation in Cape May with my family, one of my favorite things to do with my cousins is going down to the beach at night to lay in the sand and look at the sky. Especially with the noise of the ocean in the background, it is just so peaceful looking up at the beautiful clouds in the night sky.

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    Nice images and a new thought about clouds at night time.

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