Cloud Reflection

When I was reading about clouds, I thought of the view from a plane. Normally, clouds seem to be these giant odd-shaped balls of fluff way out of reach. However, on a plane, the clouds are right there. On a plane, you can be surrounded by clouds. I always love to look out my window on planes and just admire the view. However, there was one plane ride where I was absolutely terrified of what I saw. My flight went right by storm clouds. We weren’t in them, but right next to them. Lightning was striking constantly between the clouds. I was absolutely terrified, but I couldn’t seem to look away. Considering I hate thunderstorms, I did not like the feeling of being right near one. At the same time, it was a new experience that I probably won’t witness many times in my life.

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    I love looking at clouds of out a plane window too. I made a video that I had posted

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