Wood Reflection

While reading wood I felt like I entered a whole new world! The reading made me think of the trees and the forest in ways I haven’t before, or at least have not given much thought to. At the end of the reading, when it was being discussed that some students had never been in a forest, never gone to a farm, never gone camping, and never swam in something larger than a pool, I was taken aback! However, most of my experiences with nature have taken place upstate as it is much more rural there. I’m definitely lucky to have an aunt who lives there because, if not, I would most likely still be without those experiences to this day. One of my favorite past times with nature was actually a nature camp that I attended with my brother. We built huts made from sticks (I’ll put the picture below! :)) and swung from tree vines. We marched through swamps and were just encapsulated with nature. That week was by far, my favorite experience with nature.

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