Reading about wood has piqued my interest in learning a little more about wood. I did some research and came upon a website that had some fascinating facts on wood. I want to share a couple I found especially interesting. I did not know this, but trees never die of old age. There is always some external force that is the cause of their deaths. Humans, insects, and disease are just a few of these causes. That is why trees can live for hundreds of years. Also, a wooden house is four hundred times warmer than a steel house. Wood is a natural insulator, which is why it is warmer than steel. Lastly, I found it very interesting that the General Sherman (a giant sequoia) is thought to be the world’s largest living organism. It can measure 274 feet tall! I have included a picture of one of these General Sherman’s. I also included the link where I found these fun facts if anyone else wanted to read them.

10 Weird Facts About Wood

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