A Reflection on Wood

I feel as if wood is not something we typically associate with beauty, but it definitely can be. This weekend I went camping, and after a long day outside in the cold, we gathered around a warm fire, wrapped in blankets, while singing along to a man playing the guitar. As I stared into the fire, I couldn’t help but think about our discussions in class about wood. I know it seems so simple, but without wood, we couldn’t have a campfire. We wouldn’t be able to stay warm outside, and wouldn’t all be united in one spot for hours at night, talking, singing, and making s’mores. I then thought back to previous camping trips, when my family stayed in a log cabin. It was small and not the most comfortable place to sleep, but I love the sense of adventure I get from being in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Something about it just feels so tranquil and quaint. After camping this past weekend and reflecting on wood, I gained a deeper appreciation for it and all of my memories that are associated with wood.

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