Warm and Cold Blooded Animals

After reading the Heat and Cold section in our reading I was most fascinated by the warm blooded and cold blooded animals. Humans are classified as warm blooded animals even though sometimes we can be considered “cold blooded” meaning lacking or showing feeling. Humans are considered warm blooded because we can keep our temperatures stable through metabolic adjustments even when it is cold. Warm blooded animals tend to survive in low temperatures by shivering or burning body fat. Examples of warm blooded creatures include birds and mammals. Cold blooded animals can maintain their body temperatures from the outside like for example using heat from the sun. The other day I actually saw a cold blooded animal in action. I was walking to my car and a snake was laying out in the middle of my driveway just soaking in the sun. Examples of cold blooded animals include invertebrates, fishes, sharks, frogs, snakes, and crocodiles.


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