The Four Elements

  1.  As much as I would love to be a water element, I know in my heart that I am a representation of fire. Fire signs are known to be sporadic, passionate, possessing drive to complete and start a task, easily excitable, possess the ability to being joy, sass and excitement to the world, the feeling confidence and many other attributes. I myself, am extremely passionate when I find something I enjoy. I also love to start and finish tasks and then feel the positive reactions, bring as much joy to the world as much as I can and feel confident to complete certain tasks. I am a fire sign.
  2. My most favorite landscape, that I cannot wait to visit as well, is a lavender field. The aroma lavender brings to the air instantly calms all of those around it. Whenever I look at pictures of lavender fields, I get a sense of relief and calmness, which lavender does to people. Lavender fields are just a serene landscape to look at, paint and take pictures in. 7 Lavender Fields You Need To Visit This Summer
  3. Out of the four most basic aspects of nature, I am most interested in the scientific categories. I have always been a science nerd at heart and my main goal in life is to become a biology teacher. Science is all around us and necessary to learn to then grow upon knowledge in other fields and areas.
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