The Four Elements

  1. I feel the element that describes me best is Earth. Like The Earth, I am always growing and changing in response to what is going on in my life, such as changes with school, friends, and even family.Falls Creek sunflower field is a memorial for man's mother | News |
  2. The picture I choose for my favorite landscape is of a sunflower field in full bloom. I have yet to visit one myself but by next summer I am going to try to. I love sunflowers because of how they adapt to face the sun from wherever they are. They also are also growing taller and for the most part can support themselves at tall heights with only their one stalk.
  3. The basic aspect of nature which interests me most is the scientific categories. Even from a young age I have also been fascinated in science and experiments and the outdoors. This is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to be a teacher, to get children to also love the concept of learning and science and their Earth.
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