The Four Elements

  1. Although I feel that parts of all four elements can represent me, fire represents me best. Those with fire signs tend to be passionate, sporadic, easily excitable, inspirational, confident, and intuitive. I am definitely passionate when I get interested in a topic. Once I start something I work at it until I am satisfied with the results. I tend to have outbursts of emotions, both good and bad. I get excited over small things. I try to bring joy to others and give others confidence when they are lacking it. I also love expressing myself and am willing to speak my mind.
  2. My favorite landscape is a lake at sunset. Every year I have a family reunion upstate at a lake. I have so much fun spending time with my family, especially since I don’t get to see everyone frequently. I also love the laid-back and calming feeling there. The gentle breeze and the soothing waves are a nice change of pace from my normal fast-paced lifestyle. At night, we usually have a campfire and make smores. Although it is just a body of water, there are numerous great aspects and memories associated with it.
  3. The scientific categories of the four basic aspects of nature interest me the most. I have always loved math and science. Science is everywhere and a great way to understand the world around you. I like how science is based on facts with little gray area. I plan on having a future in science, more specifically chemistry.
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