The Four Elements

  1. The element of air best represents who I am. There’s the saying “light as air”, meanwhile air is actually very dense and heavy because it promotes life and activity. Just like air, I tend to be associated with being light and free which is what I present on the surface. But when you brake the surface and dig a little deeper, there’s a lot more weight and character to me which not many people get to see. I may not always make myself noticeable, but I’m highly involved in the lives of the people I care about.
  2. My favorite landscape or place to be is definitely a lake somewhere upstate. I enjoy fishing, swimming, and just relaxing with my family and friends by the calm water.
  3. Scientific categories and environmental implications are the two categories that interest me the most. I have always been a science/math person so learning about the science and facts behind the elements as well as how humans are, unfortunately, negatively impacting them and the environment is very intriguing.
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