The Four Elememts

  1. The element that represents me best is Earth. Earth is stable and strong and supports the world. Despite its strength, sometimes it gets overwhelmed with all of its responsibilities. This leads to it losing control, and having to focus on getting back to its stable state. This represents me. I am determined and like to push myself. I always try my best and work hard. Sometimes I push myself too hard and I can’t handle it all. I have to find ways to maintain balance in my life and get back to my stable state.

2. My favorite landscape is the beach in the Bahamas. I love walking on the soft, warm sand, and hearing the soft waves ahead. The water is so clear and overall, is just a beautiful sight to see. This is a picture of one of the beaches there!

3.  Scientific categories interests me most about the elements. I like knowing how things occur, such as life processes, and to fully understand the things around me. I love biology, and since it involves living organisms, understanding the four elements are essential. All four elements play an important role in science and help all life processes occur.

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